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Lethargic Chick

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Hi everyone,


My kids were just playing with our 4 week old chicks outside. My 4 year old was being too rambunctious with the chicks so we were bringing them into their indoor pen. One of the little Wyandottes just laid down with her eyes closed and had her beak out. She wouldn't stand until I picked her up. She's usually pretty skiddish and didn't seem to care that I was holding her. She wouldn't eat or drink at all. She did poop and it looked normal, no clogged vent, crop seems normal, etc.


Could this be stress? She is looking better, running around, etc. Acting a bit more like herself about 30 mins later. I have her quarantined and she keep trying to escape back to her flock. Should I be worried about anything else? Resp. illness? Cocci??

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Give the chicks some water with SaveAChick or other brand of electrolytes, or give  some Pedialyte or Gatorade. The chick may have been overheated, dehydrated, or scared. They are too young to be played with, so maybe need to keep them behind a fence from kids for a bit longer. Coccidiosis can be a problem when they are exposed to soil. Lethargy, not eating, puffed up or hunched posture, and runny poops with mucus or blood may be common. Corid will treat that in the water for 5 days. Since she is better, watch to see that she drinks some, and check her in the morning. Be sure to provide shade while they are outside, plenty of cool water, and some chick grit when they eat grass or foods other than chick feed.

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Thanks for your reply! She seems to be feeling better so I'm hoping it was stress. She's been eating and drinking & seemed like her normal self after we ate dinner. They always have access to chick grit since we let them outside and the dig around eating bugs and things. Hopefully she continues to feel better & my 4 year old understands the way she behaved today can make them so scared they can get sick!
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