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My chicken just got diagnosed with this.  I got her as a pullet and she's had a dirty bottom for the entire time I've had her (about 3 months now).  First I treated her for lice, then worms, then a yeast infection to no avail.  I finally bit the bullet and took her for a fecal occult test.  The vet says he has never seen this before, but was able to diagnose what it was.  He said the treatment is Fenbendazole for 5 days and then repeated again in 14 days.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this?

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Never heard of this parasite, but read about it just now, and WOW!

Words of caution from what I read, the parasite is transmitable to humans. The articles I read said sometimes antibiotics work, other times not. Sometimes the parasite clears up, sometimes it is chronic. If I were you I would also incorporate Apple cider vinegar into her drinking water. I didn't see any suggestions for this, but it makes sense to me and can't hurt matters. Please keep me updated on the status of your chicken. Hoping she battles off this bug quickly.
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