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I checked on my silkie this morning and her eye seemed watery and swollen. I checked and there was a strand of a feather in her eye and a lot of clear fluid. I pressed on the swollen area gently and it seemed to be soft and full of the fluid. At first I suspected sinuses but it seemed as though she may of had something irratatig her eye. After removing the feather, I gently pressed some of the fluid from her eye and let her back out. A few hours later I return and it is a LOT worse!!! I am scared for her life and She has been very important to me I cannot lose her!

After a Few hours Later

She is a 6m/o blue splash that we rescued and she means the world to me please help me.
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Does she have any sneezing, nasal drainage, gasping, or other breathing problems? Eye swelling can be a sign of respiratory diseases such as MG or coryza, but a forein body or a pecked eye can also become infected. I would probably go ahead and start her on some Tylan 50 injectable, given orally, 1/4 ml twice a day for 5 days, in case of a sinus infection. An alternative medicine would be oxytetracycline in her water if she is drinking well enough. Terramycin eye ointment can be applied to her eye twice a day, after cleaning any drainage.
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Sorry it is so late but here is an update:
She had some kind of infection in the tip of her mouth. It blocked her sinuses. We removed a lot but it would only come back. It was yellow-ish and pretty hard. In the end, we took her to a vet and got some antibiotics. It went away but after we were done and it was over, it came back. We took her back to the vet snd got new antibiotics. They worked and this time it stayed away. The vets at the place loved our silkie and are sad but glad she hasnt returned. She is happy and healthy. She is special needs mentally but we love her anyway. Thanks for all the help and our silkie is happy to be alive and breathing.
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It sounds like she may have had mycoplasma or coryza, but more likely mycoplasma if she is now better. She will probably be a carrier for life, and could get sick again if she is really stressed. I'm glad that she is doing so well now. Here is a good link for poultry diseases including the respiratory ones:

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Update: She got sick again but we treated it fast and she got better immediately. Sadly, she died suddenly a few weeks later when I was away from home and my parents were taking care of her. She was my ESA so this was very hard for me but I knew she was a troubled case when I got her already sick. She made my life brighter and I will miss her.
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Sorry for your loss.
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