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I checked on my silkie this morning and her eye seemed watery and swollen. I checked and there was a strand of a feather in her eye and a lot of clear fluid. I pressed on the swollen area gently and it seemed to be soft and full of the fluid. At first I suspected sinuses but it seemed as though she may of had something irratatig her eye. After removing the feather, I gently pressed some of the fluid from her eye and let her back out. A few hours later I return and it is a LOT worse!!! I am scared for her life and She has been very important to me I cannot lose her!

After a Few hours Later

She is a 6m/o blue splash that we rescued and she means the world to me please help me.
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Does she have any sneezing, nasal drainage, gasping, or other breathing problems? Eye swelling can be a sign of respiratory diseases such as MG or coryza, but a forein body or a pecked eye can also become infected. I would probably go ahead and start her on some Tylan 50 injectable, given orally, 1/4 ml twice a day for 5 days, in case of a sinus infection. An alternative medicine would be oxytetracycline in her water if she is drinking well enough. Terramycin eye ointment can be applied to her eye twice a day, after cleaning any drainage.
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