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Help.. baby chic

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Today I got a few baby chicks all differnt kinds but one which is my smallest is hardly moving and just lays the others r up and moving now what can I do she is the one in the corner alone 🙁🙁 is it possible she's just getting adjusted the man I got these from said one was only 3 days old?? I'm new to chicks and so nervous maybe she's 3 days old I thought he said one of the others were the 3 days old..
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The way it's holding the wings out, away from the body indicates the brooder is too warm. You only want to warm a small portion of the brooder, directly under the heat lamp. The rest of the brooder should be at least 20 degrees cooler. That's nearly impossible to do when using storage tubs for brooding. There simply is no way to not heat the whole thing. 

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Also, they look like they are all about 1 to 2 weeks old, judging by the amount of feathering. 

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If u cut a hole in the tub and place a cardboard box also with a hole to match and put together they can go in the box to get away from the heat I raised 12 babies that way and had great success. Now I have a brooder n the coop
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Good advice on preventing overheating your chicks. Those plastic tubs are terrible brooders, in my opinion. Better to use good old fashioned cardboard appliance boxes or talk your grocer out of one of those cardboard pumpkin corals after Halloween.


The small chick appears to be the same age as the others, but is probably a failure to thrive victim. Depending on what kind of genetic abnormalities it has, you may be able to give it a boost by treating it with Poultry Nurti-drench. The little guy isn't utilizing the nutrients in its food so it's not growing, but it's still growing wings. Soon, if you don't intervene, its wings will be longer than its body.


Monitor how much it's eating. If it appears lethargic and not eating, I've had good success getting such a chick to eat by offering it crumbled up tofu sprinkled with Nutri-drench. It's okay if the other chicks eat it, too. In fact, watching the others eat will encourage the small one to also eat.

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The chick died right after this.. it's not to hot the tote I'm using is huge.. and there are two chicks only days old some are about 2 weeks and two are a month.. the chicks were a mess when I got them I had to clean all there butts that one died almost as soon as I posted it from I guess it's butt being clogged.. when I cleared it it was to late.. I just got them that morning the rest are very happy and have plenty of room to get away from the lamp they choose not to they like being close to the heat...
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That tote is not huge. And all those chicks are exhibiting the classic indicators for being much too warm. Also, pasty butt is most commonly seen in overheated chicks.

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That tote is the biggest tote they sell tell me its not! Obviously it appers smaller in the pic than it actualy is and funny thing is the chick letteraly died a few hours after it was brought home.. say what you want i sent my friend the pictures i had of its butt that i took on my way home because it didnt look right and that was nothing about my caring for them she had severely clogged but before i brought her home and all of my chicks are happy eating drinking everything now that was the only one that wasnt eating!! So since they all have clasic symptomms when that was the only one having issues your mistaken!
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