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Chicks not dust bathing

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Okay, so my first little runt was injured when I rescued him & I didn't want any dirt on him. Once it was healed, I bought some chicken dust bath stuff online bc I wanted to be sure what I got was safe. But all he does is go in and eat it. 😳 Is this safe? Basically serves as grit or should I stop him? I've tried dust bathing all of them (I got his 3 clutch mates on Friday) & they just don't have a clue what is going on. Lol! The other 3 were raised outside by mom so I'm sure they've been around dust bathing in dirt, but I'm treating for coccidia & I don't want them in outside soil right now. Thoughts?
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Good Morning!
It is rather peculiar that your chicks are not using the dust bath you gave them. But the situation Im most Concered with is that your chicks are eating the dust bath. So the question is what is in your dust bath you gave them? Is there food grade DE in there, because if there is it should be fine for them to eat it due to the fact that it's not toxic. So in all just check what was mixed in that dust bath and research if it's okay for consumption.

Have a good day!
~Sunshine Ducky
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You know one chick actually got out of the dust bath & laid down on the floor, then acted like it was trying to dust bathe. Lol! As soon as I put her back in it, she was not at all interested in anything but getting out.

Actually, I have looked at the packaging & it doesn't say exactly what was in it. So I always stop them. I will probably have to contact the manufacturer.

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