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I have a hen who's bottom is dirty. I have treated them for worms but I am not sure what to do for her. should I wash her, vet ?

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Welcome to BYC. Is she eating and drinking? Alert and active? If yes, I would pick off any dried droppings, and trim any excess fluff. A wash of her bottom may help, but keep her warm until she is dry or blow dry her. I have one or two that seem to always have a problem with a messy bottom. Sometimes diarrhea for an unknown illness can cause this.
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thank you so much for your reply. i will do this and keep her in a cage until she is dry. thanks again

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I routinely will give my hens some plain probiotic yogurt mixed well with their usual chicken feed a couple of days a week. You can mix in some water too, and they usually like that. It may help with intestinal health.
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