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Subzero weather

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Hello!  We're having very cold weather here for the next few days.  It's more typical for Spokane, but the girls did not go through any cold weather last winter - their first winter - I'm very concerned about what to do with them during the day.  From what I read on here, I should just leave it up to them whether they go out or stay in. My husband told me that they did go in quite a bit earlier today.  I do have a heat lamp running, as they have water in the coop and I don't want it to freeze - it may anyway with the temps we are getting.  They have heated water (just kept from freezing) outside in their run.  I really want them to get to it, but I'm also concerned about them being outside.  They just came out of molt and I do not want them stressed.  I did put some vaseline on their combs and waddles last week when all of this nonsense started!  Any help or any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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I think things will be alright. Chickens can tolerate cold better than heat. Are your chickens cold hardy breeds?   You did mention they came out of molt.   Are they well feathered now or still kind of (well, not fully feathered)???  Can you place the freeze proof water into their coop?   Do you feel that your coop is sufficiently ventilated?  That is the key to getting thru the cold.  Poor ventilation or drafty coop are 2 things to avoid during winter. 


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They are cold hardy-one each of RIR, BO, PR, White Rock, Black Star and Red Star.  They all appear to be fully feathered and we're back to getting 5 eggs a day - only one is not laying and I haven't been able to determine who that is.  The coop is wonderfully draft free and my husband put in a steeple for ventilation.  My concern is the water.  They have water that does not freeze outside, but I'm pretty sure the water inside will be frozen today.  I'm going to have to get it out of there.  The air temp is 2 degrees right now and it's not quite dawn - typically it goes down more until after sunup  My hubby is going to be out near North 40 today, I might have him look at another heated water fount - they're just so dang expensive!  Thanks for the encouragement!  


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There are less expensive options available. Some are home made cookie tin heaters using a 40 watt light bulb.  I have a heated dog bowl that cost $22.   I also use these mini crock pots that I purchased used for about $5 each.  I  use these now with a dimmer switch to make the water just  warm enough not to freeze. 


The ones  I use are similar to above picture.  The insert comes out for easy cleaning.   The dimmer switch I use is just a regular light dimmer wall switch that is connected to outlet where I plug these in. 

An on line picture of cookie tin heater. 

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