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showgirl with injured neck

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I have a young Show Girl slikie pullet that I found this morning with the skin on the back of her neck cut from a rooster breeding her.

I have put her in the house in a hospital cage I threw together. I let her warm up before I treated her wound. I rinsed it out with water and then followed with an application of Chlorahexadine and rinsed well. After she  air dried a little I coated the wound with honey. I lifted the skin that was bunched up around the wound and got that cleaned and coated as well.

 She is active, alert, eating and pooping..she even layed an egg..So far all is well.


I am a bit concerned about the bunched up skin ,mostly above the there anything I should do about it or will it mend itself.

Does anyone have any idea the healing time for injuries like this...Is she going to become a house chicken over the winter. She is the only naked necked bird that I have.


This is the first real injury my little flock has had..I am wondering if the cold made her skin more apt to do this? Any input is appreciated.



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I can't see the wound that well, but this can be a common injury in pullets from young rough roosters trying to mate. It is probably swollen. Honey or plain neosporin ointment can help in healing. It can take a few weeks to fully heal and for feathers to regrow. I would place her in a crate with food and water, and keep her in the coop with the others. You can cover her neck with a neckerchief when it has healed some, and then slowly put her back with the others with some supervision. Let us know about her progress.
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