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Don't waste time or money on chicken wire, get hardware cloth instead.  Mine is stapled into the framing with 3/4" fence staples, and then covered with 1x4" boards screwed through into the framing.  Pretty solid!  Mary

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It's -3 F tonight right now, and the snipers didn't show up here either.  Wimps!  Mary

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We have a possum issue too, just took one out last night before he took his pick! Very disheartening to hurt them, but my chickens are my babies.

I have read that fish and cat food are great things to put in a trap. I assume they are right!
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Darn those snipers....  Cat food should be good they are always coming on my patio to finish off the food the cats leave.   Last night was my first possum free night this week.  I believe I may have eliminated the immediate family that was cruzing my digs.

I have used hard cloth as well.  The chicken wire is just a secondary back up to the hard cloth.   I will be installing an extra fence wall between a large patch of wisteria and the chicken yard.  They seem to like to emerge from that foliage.   

This is actually my first experience on a forum.   It is so cool you guys are a total trip!!!  Humor is awesome....


yes I love my chickens too but my wife...   they are her pride and joy.  


We have cat's dogs, sheep, cow and ... chickens... and unfortunately ... possums  


Thanks for all the help folks... It is so great to know that you are not alone...




Born to worship...Jesus
Born to worship...Jesus
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