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Rooster losing his voice

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My roo sounded great this morning. Tonight when I went to shut the coop he crowed and the first part was loud like usual but the "doodle doo" part (if you will) was raspy like he's loosing his voice. His eyes are clear, he is eating and drinking and otherwise acting just fine. Should I be worried? He does crow pretty excessively throughout the day. Could he have just overdone it? We are supposed to have snow and -2 degree weather tomorrow so I'm worried anyway - now extra worried!
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If his crow is off tomorrow, then you'll have a better idea there's a issue. Hopefully it was a fluke and he'll be back to crowing as usual in the morning.
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I hope so!

Thank you! fl.gif
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His crow was back to normal this morning. Thank goodness...according to the internet he was going to die of avian bird flu or gape worm barnie.gif I guess maybe he got carried away yesterday and wore out his voice!
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Glad to hear!
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