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Quail Went Broody

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Hi all, 


So I'm pretty excited as my jumbo quail (and favourite) went broody yesterday and has been promptly sitting her her clutch for 24 hours, not moving and making some nasty noises at any quail (other than her sister) that came by.  


Now my question, as I've never dealt with a broody hen, is how to keep her happy to sit. She's in a room in the home, where it's very cold (the whole flock is during the winter (taped off), but it's cold in there, like 2* C, should I move her to another room that is much warmer. She's in a crate already, the door is  shut to not let others in there, water and food there. So all I have to do is lift the crate out of the room into a warm closet in the home. But I'm worried if I move her ,she'll get freaked.

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she is her own heat source, i would leave he especially since she is already sectioned off from everyone else 



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Thank you! I actually did end up moving her out of the room. Everytime the male went by the cage she looked very agitated. Since, I've put her in my bedroom closet, which she is hunkered down. 

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