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Mold in chicken run?

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Hey guys, I walked out to feed my chickens this morning and saw white fuzzy soft looking stuff it kind of looks like white mold. Can y'all help and if it is mold how can I get rid of it without hurting my chickens? Thanks here are some pictures!! And there is stuff growing on the roof!!

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Let your chickens out to range on a nice day, and you wipe down these affected surfaces with a bucket of water with some chlorine bleach. Let dry, then let the chickens back in. No toxic after effects. And those surfaces should remain mold free for some time.

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Thank you!!!!!!! We are having a lot of rain here, so when the rain is over I guess I will do that! What should I do about the white stuff on the ground? We have wire on their ground so foxes can't get in thanks!!
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White stuff on ground: as long as it is not snow (which is what I have right now :gig) you might try building up a forest floor. Wire is not great for chickens to walk on anyway. I have a wire floor just like you do for same reason and this is what I did.


Throw in hay, yard rakings, pinecones, leaves, etc. You can level with pea gravel before you do that which is what I did to increase drainage. It is just one approach to controlling for moisture. Plus the chickens love digging in it. I threw in a couple of rotten stumps to inoculate. Here is a pic:


It becomes good compost can add straw, hay, leaves, a no-work compost pile.


This may not be the only solution, but I think it is ground moisture causing it? and the forest floor will wick that up...

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