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SICK hen Rehabilitating, acting weird, maybe seizure ??

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Hi Guys.

I have a question on my 9 month old Ameraucana X Pullet.

She was very sick two weeks ago and nearly died. Found her almost dead full of vomit in the coop.  I brought her inside the house and rehabilitated her.

She's been living in the basement for two weeks now because she wasn't walking anymore. Now she can stand and walk but isn't fully functional (she falls easily)



Since a couple of days, I catch her often UPSIDE DOWN making weird noises and moving her legs and head like her comb is REALLY ITCHY. it looks like this but the way she acts its like uncontrollable. It almost looks like an epilepsy crisis but it's not that


I was wondering maybe her comb is dry, because in the basement theres the wood stove and it gets pretty hot. (Sometimes she opens her mouth, I wonder if its because she's hot?)


Anyway this morning I moved her pen further in another room downstairs so it wouldn't be as hot.

I was thinking maybe her comb is dry from it? so I tried hydrating it with a urea foam I have, when I touch her comb/head she gets all crazy like she likes it that I scratch her comb or something


It's uncontrollable, sometimes she's laying on her back completely and trying to scratch, im concerned about this.




Any ideas?


I bring her to the coop every morning to see her sisters, but I don't think she's ready to live back inside, im afraid the other girls will PICK on her..


Please help me out.

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I wish I could help, but I could only guess, since I haven't seen that in my chickens. You may be right about the heat causing dryness and itching. Wry neck can cause some abnormal neck movements, and some may walk backwards or in circles. Menthol-based ointments for arthritis are usually effective at helping itchy skin, so that might be good to use on her comb. Also, I have had luck with fish oil capsules in treating dog with skin allergies and itching. That should not hurt her at all to squirt a little on her feed. It's amazing how far along that she has come with your good care.
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im sure its not WRY neck, I looked a lot about this and it doesn't look like this at all.

I really dont know about the heat, but she's been in a cooler place since yesterday and seems to be doing better

I will put Omega-3 capsules on her feed, thats a good idea, will def. try it! thanks so much 


Thans for your kind words, my husband cant believe how much I care, putting a lot of time in this little girly.


thanks again! so so much 

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I know what you mean. They are good pets, but when you have a special one, helping them recover from an illness, some become very special. You are doing a great job-- I just hope she gets better.
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OK so I realized it's not her COMB that itches, it seems to be her BEAK

It's like it starts ITCHING so BAD that she looses it, she just goes crazy trying to scratch it and falls down, sometimes gets stuck somewhere because she's not in control of herself when it happens.

Sometimes I rub her face myself and I can see it's such a relief for her,


BUT ITS A PROBLEM, I brought her to the coop this morning and I watch her every now and then, she seems ok with the others, but I've had to go twice to take her out of somewhere she was stuck by falling while scratching..




Your help is REALLY appreciated



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I haven't heard of any itchy beak before. Try putting a large rock that she can scratch it on. They do like to rub their beaks on stone to keep them worn down. They will especially wipe their beaks as they finish eating something like yougurt.
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it's like she becomes in ''trans'' when her face itches, she can literally throw herself from the upper floor of the coop, it's like she can't control herself..

I really wonder what it is.

She has been in the coop for 4 days now and THANK GOD the other girls are nice to her.

She still has problems getting up very fast but she can walk around and eat and drink properly. But she's mostly laying down.


While making deviled eggs this morning, I noticed one of her eggs from before she got sick and the shell was soft.


I think the only eggs she has played were soft-shelled ones. Probably the reason for all this, a bound egg???


But her symptoms now, 2-3 weeks later, look nothing like this.





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Only time I have seen something like that was in a quail and that turned out to be a toxic mold. After spraying with a cleaner the problem went away. Im not saying that is your problem but its worth a quick look around to see if there's mold in the coop.

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She may need some extra calcium and vitamin D for her shells, but sometimes they may have problems with their shell gland with shell formation, and can lay soft eggs. I suppose it could be a temporary problem because of her illness. New layers and old hens may have problems with "softies," but I have a hen who was injured and has that problem permanently. she could possibly have internal laying. I am glad your little hen has been getting along fairly well back in the coop. Her saga has been interesting, although I still don't have a clue what is foing on.
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