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OMG, he is my hero too.  Great job.   Give that boy extra worms.  He is earning his keep.  We are in residential area and can't have roosters, unfortunately. 

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One more thing. I witnessed a hawk attack one of my large hens. It was so fast if I had not been standing there I would have missed it. My gentle, kind rooster immediately sprang into action. The hawk was on the hen and the rooster jumped on the hawk. I could not believe it. He dug into that hawk and the hawk turned loose of the hen and flew away. He is now my hero. There is no substitute for a good rooster or two or three, if they can get along.

Good Rooster!  I had a rooster do the same thing.  Both my husband and I were amazed.  The hawk wasn't impressed and came back a week later and killed the rooster, I believe out of spite because the Hawk left the rooster for dead without even eating it, in the chicken yard.  That was in December.  That hawk has gotten two more hens since then and tried for two others, but I interrupted it and saved them both.  If I hadn't been on watch, I would have lost those too.

RSL, Buffs, RIR, Amber Rocks, GLWs and EEs. 
RSL, Buffs, RIR, Amber Rocks, GLWs and EEs. 
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My chickens were attacked twice in two days, but thankfully I was there to chase the hawk away. I now have a screened canopy to protect my girls while in the yard. I feel bad they are limited to an 11 foot by 11 foot area when outside their run, but they are safe (I hope).
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I have hawks, owls, and eagles also.  I also have Shetland Sheepdogs that are used to work our sheep flock.  I learned early on that these dogs have a passion for not allowing these predators in their territory.  I have ducks in an open 60 foot round pen during the day which is not covered, approximately 100 feet from the dog yard  (ducks are in the barn at night).  I have not lost any ducks since moving here 4 yrs. ago.  The dogs run and bark at anything flying overhead which is the only deterrent I have right now, so I believe they are doing the job of keeping our hawks etc. at bay.   On the Shetland islands, it is my understanding, that the birds of prey are their main wild predator.    Now, if I lived where I had a lot of neighbors the dogs barking might prove to be a problem.  I also have some wyandotte bantams in a new coop down from the dog yard and plan to keep the ducks in this coop area eventually.  I am planning on putting a roof on the coop runs, but for now will just use bird netting as a 2nd deterrent to our flying predators.

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