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Coop recommendations

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Anyone have experience with Rugged Ranch (Santa Fe or Pueblo) coops or Producer's Pride Defender?


Thanks for your help!

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No experience with either. But I have a hard time believing the Producer's Pride Defender Chicken Coop can hold 10-14 chickens. The other two don't look to be built all that well.


So how many chickens do you plan to start with? Do the have access to more space than just a run?



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Hi, thanks for your reply.  I will only have three hens but the run is the main space those ladies will have.  I need a small coop but a large run attached. Any recommendations?

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I have the producers pride defender coop, but my girls are still in the brooder. I'd love to see how others set this coop up. I'm loving the run, and hoping to be able to easily expand both as chicken math hits.
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