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One station is right in the run. You place them in corners or along walls or under the coop, ya know, where rodents travel. I've never seen that gel pack posted above. I'd not use pellet decon stuff as that gets littered about making it dangerous. Chunx gets chewed off therefore not littered but in the cheeks of intended animal that then brings it to feed the brood. There wont be bits of poison in the run with chunx. 99.99% of the time the rodent dies in it's hole in the ground and of course all the new born so the next generation boom is taken care of. We were once inundated with rodents. Nightmare as they made it to the house. Ugh...It took a few weeks for the rats to start taking the bait but once they did it went quick and you'll go through a good amount for few weeks then it stops. Yup, you killed the colonies of rats. Hundreds apon hundreds that you'd never get under control with any other method. I keep only two bait per station most of the year. During spring and fall they are filled up when rodents are on the move. You'l go through a lot those times of year but almost nothing the rest. Rodents are always about but these stations keep them from making your coop, run or home their home.


We've started on our third pail in 4 years. That's two stations and taking care of a huge infestation from first use. And squirrels chewed a hole in lid last year to rob and store elsewhere before they died.  It's cheap to maintain bur the initial costs of stations and poison is a bit steep. A pail should last two or more years when maintenance but you'll go through half your pail or more to rid the initial infestation. 


I just got off the phone with the product manager for Motomco ( Tomcat ) and he said there is less of a chance of secondary poisoning with Bromethalin because its not an anticoagulant but is instead a nervous system attacker. He has suggested using the exact product that you have posted in the picture along with some pellets shoved under the chicken house from the outside that is NOT inside the run. I have been removing all the waterers at night for the last week and all the food. The other night i spilled about 2 cups of water on the ground while removing a waterer and i could not believe what i saw on the camera that night. There were about 20 adult and small baby rats fighting over that wet spot on the ground. It was literally just a wet spot. No standing water at all. I have them desperate for water now. So i will load the bait station with Bromethalin and mix up some liquid poison in a waterer that i will enclose by one of their exit tunnels outside of the house NOT inside the run. That way there is no way a chicken can get to it. I am positive that they are going to drink the waterer empty immediately because they are desperate. If i dont offer up water to them, the next thing they are going to do is chew a hole in the side of the house to get to the waterer inside the hen house. Finding the liquid stuff local is going to be tuff. I have not found it on a shelf anywhere local to me. I really need it asap as i have them desperate for water.