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Baby chick's eye won't open

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One of my new baby chicks must have got pecked, and she will not open her eye. What should I do?

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Is she just hatched? I had a deformed chick hatch that had a scissor beak and one of it's eyes wouldn't open. He didn't make it. If yours is a few days old and was fine then what I'd do is leave her. It's possible one of the other chicks pecked her eyes and it's a little sore. It should be better in a day or two. Young chicks often peck other chicks' eyes' because there is a reflection.



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I think she is one day old, and she probably did get pecked because she looked fine at tractor supply. I didn't even think about the reflection though. She wouldn't eat yogurt like the older one did when she got pecked, but i hope it gets better in a couple days. Thanks

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One of the chicks my husband brought home from the local feed barn had an eye that wouldn't open and had some kind of crust on it. I used a warm, wet qtip to gently rub it and she started opening it a little. The next day I did the same thing, she opened it all the way. She still doesn't open it fully all the time but it is slowly getting better, and the extra attention she's been getting is making her quite the little cuddle-chick when I hold her. :hugs

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That sounds like it got infected. My chick doesn't have any crust on her eye, but thanks

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