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Very odd that they have no mouth as adults......I ponder...... can this gene be altered and mutated and passed along to some humans? lol.png So weird, I was at the brooder today and noticed a fly that looked like the one I googled, I almost caught it as I was being diligent not to smush it. So it got away. You have my curiosity up, now I am going fly hunting, just need some big piles of crap for bait.

Seems you have just taught me that not all Flies are useless.

As for the horse hair worm, it is not suppose to be harmful to humans or pets, but I dont know if that applies to fowl and other creatures or not....but its a my thoughts on that are """"Yeah! Right""""!    I found one in a grasshopper once as a kid and it turned me off to catching grasshoppers for fishing.
(when the hopper or cricket) hits the water the worm leaves the body to swim in it natural habitat....water.

The black soldier fly larvae eats pest fly larvae so they even reduce the number of pest flies, especially once they claim territory and the other flies clear the area.

I used to catch grasshoppers many years ago but I never liked them much. I tried breeding crickets at one time for our bearded dragon but mealworms are far easier.