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Chicks age

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Is there any way for me to figure out my chicks ages? We got 6 Australorp from Tractor Supply this weekend and I'm wondering how old they are but nobody at the store seems to know.
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If they have small wing feathers, I would guess around a week old. They could be a couple days old, or they may be close to two weeks old. If you could, post a picture and I might could help you.
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They appear to be two different ages. I would say the one in the first picture is around 1 week old, and the one in the second picture is closer to 1.5 weeks old. Still a little hard to tell; besides, tractor supple gets chicks every other day to every two days, so they shouldn't be that far apart.
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Ok I was thinking they weren't the same age because the black ones we got are definitely bigger than the others. Thanks so much. Also are the little yellow ones are going to be white?
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Honestly, the yellow ones do not look like australorps. Tractor supply does not know anything when it comes to chicks...or at least the stores that I have went to. The black and white ones are definitely black austrlorps, but the yellow ones look like golden comets, isa brown/red sex-link, or some other type of sex-linked chick.
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Oh wow thanks, I can't believe they'd label them Australorps if they're not. That really stinks they can't correctly identify them, thank you though.
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There are many threads you can posts the pics on. I am 100% sure that the black ones are black australorps, but I'm not for sure about the others.
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