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I am planning on building an enlarged Garden Coop (   Basically, I am going to make it deeper and have the run go a lot further. I want to have it be eight feet deep and 20 feet wide.  The original plans have the coop/run at 9.5'w x 5.5'd x 8'h.  I want to also enlarge the coop part from 3 x 5.5 to be 4 x 8.  Because I have a lot of slope, I am going to build one half of the coop/run a foot shorter than the other, but the roof line will be continuous.  Their website did not have any details on enlarging it, just a bunch of pictures, so I need to figure out the details.


So my first specific question is how to handle the rafter/stud for the wider coop part.  The original plans have the upright studs every 3 feet with the roof rafters sitting atop them.  Because I want the actual coop part to be 4 foot wide, do I make that one stud be an extra foot away and just keep the rafter on top like the rest?  Or do I keep the rafter/stud at 3 feet and cantilever the coop out a foot?  I would prefer to just make things a foot wider as that looks a lot easier, but I don't want to make it unsafe.


Sorry if my description is confusing, I am not sure how to describe this. I am going to try to upload AMAZING paint drawings that have my two options.  Hopefully those help :)


My second specific question is whether I can go eight feet deep or if I should shoot for something a bit more modest, like 7 feet deep.  I can put a pillar for support under the coop and the middle of the run will have a double stud as that will be where the height changes.