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Brahma chicken talk

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Hi everyone I have just purchased a lemon pile brahma, I was just looking to see if there was a thread on Brahmas but nothing recent so I thought I would start one 😊
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Hi! I love brahmas, I have 2.Related image

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They don't seem a very popular bird on this page, this is our girl with our silkie
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I had for Brahmas - had to give away the roo, so now I just have three, two light and one buff.
They are very calm, but shy.
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My 2 are 9 weeks.

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She's been brought up on a farm so isn't to use to contact with people ATM, so it will take time I guess. The silkie is the same 😔
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I love your silkie! Is she a buff?

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No I believe she is just a pure gold silkie but she's a moody moo
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She's adorable.

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Thank you 😊
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