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Quail are not like chickens. Your quail are not going to go broody and sit on eggs and live happily ever after with their babies. If you want quail chicks, you are going to have to have an incubator and hatch them out, then brood them completely separate from your other quail. You're going to need a whole brooder set-up until you can sell them off, because if you put them back in with the original male he's going to attack them.

Please don't have a stressed out quail situation and bring lots of unnecessary quail into this world just because you love chicks.
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well I didnt mean to bring "so many quails" to this world. I wanted only 3-4 eggs to hatch. I already have an incubator. I bought it just in case the hen won't go broody. If she will, I'm not going to need the incubator.
I didnt want my quails to live in a stressing out situation. believe me. I didnt know anything about quails.
I have so many broody chickens and I just wanted the same with quails, who are similar to chickens.
I dont do it just because "I love chicks" - I just like raising and breeding birds for fun.
Im not sure I will sell the chicks. I may give them to my cousin who likes quails, too. That way I will be able to see them anytime I want.
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I don't think you write anything about their enclosure? As far as I know, coturnix quail actually live in pairs in the wild, and some people have success with just 1-3 hens for a roo, if the enclosure is big enough and has plenty of hiding places - like a planted aviary, a greenhouse or similar. This is also the kind of environment in which the hens are most likely to go broody - though it still is very rare for captive coturnix to hatch their own chicks.

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they are in a large coop with many hiding places, plants, bushes and some nesting boxes. but still the male stressed them out so I took him out.
Now the hens look calmer without the male but still are not laying any egg.
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