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Swollen cheek

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I have this light sussex hen and I realised that she had a massive lump on her cheek. I realised that it was there about 3 days ago but I thought that the swelling would go down. But its still there today. Any suggestions on what to do?:/

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Can you post a picture of her face? Does she have any other symptoms, such as watery eyes, nasal drainage, wheezing, or sneezing? Chickens can get peck wounds that can swell and abscess, tumors of the face, and they can get sinus swelling from a respiratory disease, such as mycoplasma (MG.) 

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I have seen that she has been sneezing 

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Can you take a look inside her beak for any yellowish-grey gunk that might be canker, a protozoan infection? The swelling she has near the corner of her beak is typical of canker, but you should see yellow inside.
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ok will do thank you

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Yeah there is a yellowish grey gunk and there is a hole leading to it. 

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That sounds like she has canker, a disease commonly found in pigeons. It is contagious to the reat of the flock. I would bleach out your waterers and feeders, and never let them drink from dirty waterers or mud puddles. Many people cull chickens with canker because the flock can become carriers. If you can take her to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment that would be good, but you can get medication online to treat it. The medications are not always effective. Fish Zole (metronidazole, Flagyl) can be given at a dosage of 125 mg twice a day for 5 days. In pigeons, they sometimes treat for 7 days. The tablets you would need are 250mg and cut them in half. Another medicine called Aviazole 10% is used in pigeons in the water for 5 days.
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