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9/15 today

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Originally Posted by gander007 View Post





10 eggs :love





5 eggs from the control group :celebrate





4 eggs from the free range chickens :rant I really wish they would put their eggs where they belong :he





1 goose egg from the youngest goose I have and she is not even a year old and she is producing more eggs then the other three momma geese :hu





Well I had three 6 year old boys over today and I told them I was going to play a little game called finding the eggs but not to move the eggs till I could take a picture of them and identify the eggs as I might want to leave the eggs in place well the boys agreed and all this in exchange for a hamburger fries and a soda how could I go wrong but the mommas had one stipulation no going under the barns as snakes might be under their and the sheds were fine and someone could get to them as a shed is much smaller and has more openings :fl






Alright I was a bit shaky it seems and I did not see it till I put it on the computer and I was standing on a box and hunched over holding up some empty boxes to get this shot and the boys found the nest in one of the barns where the young pullets are so I guess it is time to put them up for sale and close of this area to them as it was hard for me but all play time for the boys and yes they picked up this batch ..





And best of all the boys were able to get these eggs out from this hiding place for me other wise it would have been a big job to move the 55 gallon drums but them boys just slid right back there and the hard part was getting them out as they wanted to make a fort back there but their mommies finally told them they were going to lunch with out them but not before walking off with three dozen eggs and I still have a pile of eggs to count that are sitting on top of the freezer ..


Oh the boys pulled out over thirty eggs from this hiding spot so there were a lot of eggs you cant see :hu






Alright @karenerwin, sounds like you have enough coops to keep you busy for now maybe you need something to automatically water and feed your chickens so your hubby can go along with you or is that his excuse Ha, ha never mind no come back please . :lol:




Some of our chicks that are in the brooder oh how they grow :bun





It is funny how fast these little guys move just look at the one in the upper left hand corner of the picture :ep

gander007 :old  


Wow Gander, that's quite the haul of eggs!  Any idea if they are all good or not?  I would never have guessed that there were over 30 eggs behind the oil drums! I'll be bringing home some more meat chicks soon, some started hatching today in the 6th grade science class.

 I have a 5 gallon food dispenser in each coop in use.  They usually last about 5 days or there about.  In 1 coop I have a kiddie pool that I try to keep full of water, but some days the girls drink it all ( or it evaporates; or both) in just 2 or 3 days.

I guess what I really need is an automatic chicken door to let the chickens out in the morning & lock them up at night.

The last time we both went on vacation together we paid someone to come over twice a day to let the chickens out, make sure they had food & water & then to collect the eggs & lock the girls back in for the night.  That worked pretty well.

14 eggs was the  total for today.

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3 for 3 on Tuesday. No slackers yesterday.
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Yesterday I had 11/15
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My son had one like that from one of his RIR one time. I was shocked.

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I only got 2 eggs yesterday.... 😕
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10/15 including my second silkie egg since the hen got here!!!

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Another perfect day, 3 for 3. 

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6 so far today.

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6 out of 12 

50% some are old and some are in molt

so pretty good

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