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I never even considered D'Uccle. I'm not all that familiar with the them
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Lord Voldemolt Is so cute.
I can't really help you with breeds but good luck finding out

Dawsonville GA

Huge Orpington fan


Dawsonville GA

Huge Orpington fan

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I raise them smile.png

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Originally Posted by katsdar View Post

So how are these chickens different from Light Brahamas?   
They don't have feathers on their feet other than that none that I can tell .
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Hope this loads.. A lil better pic of Blue
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After a long day
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They are so cute :) Guess I'm going to have to familiarize myself with D'Uccle  

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Anyone ever had a roo single out a hen and almost kill her? My barred rock boy will NOT lay off one of my girls, and he's giving all the others holy heck too. They HATE him. 😧

The one fight, I saw end quiet in a corner of the run so I went to check. She was hunched over and totally dazed but perked up when I picked her up for a minute. Then when I put her down she's terrified of him. Her face seems a tad swollen but he also just slammed it into the wire several times. sad.png
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Here she is now, she was hiding in the coop from him until she saw him coming and she darted out. It's like, is he singling her out bc something is wrong with her? Or does she just look like crap bc he's been at her all day? He walks up to all the unsuspecting ones and just NAILS them on the head.
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See, she looks like H-E-double-hockey sticks. Just after this he pegged the brahma on the head that's beside him at the waterer. He's ****** me off now.

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