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Love this!! I am currently in the process of potty training my chick so she can live in the house because the other chicks won't let her eat or drink! She loves being in the house!
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Originally Posted by 98 gt View Post

The only chicken in my house is in 1 of 2 places...
Hatcher/incubator,  or refrigerator... wink


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Mean, but funny. I have two house chickens, they both poop about 2.5 times an hour, I have calculated, which isn't as bad as one would think.My hand-reared hen also tries to not poop at night when she's on the bed, there's usually only one dry one. Sounds gross, but its not really, just a bit of grass, fruit and insects. Think of dogs eating human faeces and licking their genitalia and then sleeping in people's beds and kissing you in the face. Chickens are amazingly clean. You know the black oily layer you get when scratch a dog or a horse? Chickens don't have it. They're pristine. You can scratch a chicken for hours and you won't have to wash your hands. 

Just make sure they're healthy and dewormed regularly. This over-hygiene with disinfectants everywhere is bad for our immune-systems and the environment and it breeds superbugs. 

Oh, and by the way, the most pathogens you will ever pick up is from that chicken in you refrigerator, not the one in your bed!!

Trust me, I am a PhD student in Microbiology!!

House-chickens are THE best pets ever!!:thumbsup

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P.S. Leather sofa and hard floors are a must though. I tried to have a rug once. Forget it.


Here's a link to an article about chicken intelligence. You can look for the actual papers from there..

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I have should chicken, she's a pet! Crazy I know! Anyway I've been watching her all day and there is no warning or "thing" that she does before pooping in the floor! 😩 I guess I'll be ordering diapers, although she is caged when no one is home it's a pain constantly cleaning up!
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I wish i would have found this article earlier it is very interesting considering my girls try to come in the house all the time. They are free range and if i leave my door open during the day they walk right in LOL
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Posting so I can bookmark to find this thread later. My daughter wants to potty train her new silkies she's getting.

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what do i use in my chicken poop box? cat litter, paper, dirt? i have an abundance of saw dust, can i use that?

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