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I'm looking for female chicks for egg production. I'm in Aiken SC. Anyone have any for sale. I already have 5 layers and a roo and would like to add to our flock smile.png
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I have hatching eggs and can also fill chick orders, although my chicks are straight run. I'm in southern end of sptbg county. I have rir eggs and chicks, easter egger eggs, and can do other breeds. What cha need?
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Can you guarantee no roosters?
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Originally Posted by chicmum View Post

Can you guarantee no roosters?

Nope lol I can guarantee you will have at least one....sry I'm st run only because I can't sex with any skill level yet lol
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Ok thx:) I really don't want another rooster, had to cull one already, don't want to have to go thru that again!!!
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I'd like to get a couple of Easter Eggers that are ready to lay. Do you have any coming ready soon? I'm near Round O SC.

Time to add 6 more hens to my flock. I'd like to add 2 of three different breeds that get along. Any suggestions? Anyone in South Carolina have young layers at this time of year?
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New to the Lugoff/Camden area and am also looking for the timing to get 4 or 5 young layer... 3 eastereggers and a couple of wheatons... Anybody in the Upstate or Midlands have some? 

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I know a lady who has some pullets just starting to lay blue eggs...EES...want her info??
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Yes, that'd be great!!

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Yes please send me her info.
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