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I think ours will be "le Poulailler"
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So I have a list of names Ive come up with after reading all the way thru this thread.  Let me know if you guys like any of them!


Chicken Chatue (spl?)

Cozy Coop

The Bed & Breakfast

Serenity (after my favorite tv show ;) )



Love this thread!

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Domus Gallus 


Chicken House in Latin

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Originally Posted by Zahboo View Post

Mine is Imago Feathers. I fell in love with the word imago. It's the name my rats (registered rats exist) have i.e. Imago Clueless is my hairless rat. ImagoFeathers is my email too. I think I'm going to get a small sign made with it. Just find a cool word you like lol.
what does that even mean
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what about chicken paradise!:cd

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Still in the middle of construction. We have:

5 Turkeys
10 Leghorns for laying hens
45 Cornish giants for meat birds

12 X 12 full size building and 12 X 25 run.

With a section that has a Leghorn sized door so the nesting boxes will be unmolested. 1/4 inch hardware cloth for the bottom 36 inches of the run.

I was thinking of: SHIDEL'S REST BED & BREAKFAST

Or: Shidel's Rest B&B. (Had wanted to paint it red with white trim, but my whimsy is getting away from me and my redneck side is showing.

Going with camo and camouflage netting to keep the local birds of prey off our babies. Just love my camo.

Will be posting pics later.
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We're calling is "The Shop" since that's where all the work will be going on once the girls start to lay.
I'm baaaaaack!
I'm baaaaaack!
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Love Beware of Eggsplosives!!! We have a Blasting Business will be making that sign for around the coop for sure!!!
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My wife is calling the one I am building the "Coop Mahal".
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