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So I have a list of names Ive come up with after reading all the way thru this thread.  Let me know if you guys like any of them!

Chicken Chatue (spl?)
Cozy Coop
The Bed & Breakfast
Serenity (after my favorite tv show wink.png )

Love this thread!

Love Cozy Coop smile.png
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I built our first coop last summer. We are not allowed to have roosters so I was thinking of calling it "Doodle doo ranch". This winter we hung one of those large metal stars above the window on the east side of the coop so " Morning Star coop/ranch is also in the running now.

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Originally Posted by Orchid View Post

My friend Mary came up with a name for my pink coop (that is supposed to be a tractor, but weighs about a zillion pounds) - Perfectly Pretty Pink Poultry Penthouse for Pleasantly Portable Pecking. lau.gif

How the heck am I supposed to get that on a sign?  It'll be bigger than the coop itself!

How about "Fast Pink Ladies" ???
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Our new coop is being named "Fuzzy Butt Acre", because it is so large and will be stocked with 50 Partridge Chantecler pullets by the end of summer.

It could accommodate twice that, but I figured in the chicken math function. Lol
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Fluffy Butt Estates
Shake Your Tail Feathers

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I think I'll name my large coop Poire Voir Poulet Palais - for the sweet pear tree that stands at the top edge of the hill looking down to the road and is the single largest thing they can see from the coop's run (besides my house). I also suspect that they will L--O--V--E the sweet pears that this tree delivers around Halloween, each year.


Since that's quite a mouthful (rotfl) - hey, at least it's quite alliterative. ;-) 


Imagine a sign ….. the words "Poire Voir" at the top, curved (rainbow-shape-like) and the words "Poulet Palais" at the bottom of the sign, straight across (no curve), and in the space of the middle of the sign, between the text, a simple line drawing of this ancient pear tree. What do you all think? A sign that looks like a medieval inn kind of sign. I can use an authentic "hand" to paint the text - like early medieval Carolingian or Humanist, or high medieval Gothic (so-called 'Blackletter'), or maybe even later Batard, and there are hundreds (of not thousands) of examples of fruit trees in illumination artwork in all kinds of manuscripts… many of which I can easily adapt to the shape of my particular pear tree. I can match the text hand to the tree image (in terms of time period and world location and the proper artwork). Lord knows that if it's extant work in any document, I have at least a couple of examples of it in all of my books on medieval calligraphy and illumination!

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"The Egg Drop Inn"
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Austin Mini COOPer
Rebuilding a Austin Mini Cooper and my chickens have taking a liking to it.
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Ours is plainly named "The Breakfast Club"
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Think my boys have decreed that our coop is called Chicken Itza.


When we get the big kitchen garden going and the milk goats I would like, my husband says he wants to name our property "XP Farm."  Gamer geek joke.

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