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my red star hens are almost a year old and two days ago i finally got my first egg.

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Here is my first R.I R egg 26 weeks
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My first Ameraucana egg!!!! Very pale blue. So stoked!

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Got back from an overnight trip to Durham Sunday afternoon and went out to check on the hens. Low and behold, there at the entrance lay a large lovely brown eggs. Further examination of the nest boxes turned up another egg. Wahoo! First eggs! I took them in the house to have with Monday's breakfast. Monday mid morning I went out to check the feed for the hens and I heard a cackling coming from inside followed by a thump. I checked and sure enough one of the hens had just laid a smallish egg while I was in earshot. The egg was warn to the touch and slightly cracked from dropping on the plywood floor. The girls had pushed the straw out. Later that afternoon I was out near the coop and again heard a cackling and after the hen exited the house I check the egg box and for an small egg standing on end, she had pooped and then lain the egg so that it balance on its pointed end. That made for four eggs from my hens, or so I thought. Turns out Sunday morning before we got home the neighbors had played a practical joke on me by planting the two larger eggs. It must have been the stimulus my hens needed to begin laying their own. From these three Australop hens I hope to get a dozen a week.

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for the past couple of weeks I have been wanting eggs so bad but of course my girls just didn't want to lay so I started to give up hope they would lay soon. Then today I go down to the coop to let my rooster out and check on my girls after hearing a funny noise (not the egg song or so I thought) and I didn't see anything til I looked at the roost and sure enough right below the roost was this beautiful egg I couldn't speek the egg on the right is my girls
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This was painfully long in coming. At 10 months old and many false egg song alarms the new flock finally laid an egg. Not impressive size for such old birds. I mean they're only a few months shy of being hens now. Kicking myself for not putting in lights in January, breeding season is here and we yet to separate the breeders as no eggs. 


49 gram first egg. Just a gram shy of being a large. Hatched these last week of April last spring.


Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.


-Charles Dudley Warner


Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.


-Charles Dudley Warner

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We finally got our first egg yesterday!



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Cyndi the EE telling grandma all about her first egg.
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