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amama. Interesting!  I have 8 chickens (5 different breeds) and my different breeds lay different colors of brown.  I really didn't know that one breed - your BA - would lay different shades of brown.  Thanks for posting and have fun.  Kay in NC  3 29 16

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Amiti, Thanks for the photo.  Let us know with a photo when you have baby chicks.... Kay in NC... 3 29 16

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Very first egg! It was so tiny and adorable. This was just last week, but I hadn't had a chance to post until now. 



And I figured out who the first to lay was!

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txbelle413, Congrats on your first egg; it's adorable.  I see that your SLW laid it.  She's pretty; I have one SLW + 7 others (5 different breeds).   Have fun collecting eggs. I'm sure more are to come... Kay in NC... 3.31.16

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I've been vegan for a few years, but my doctor said I needed to add eggs back in :(  

So within a month I had built a coop, a separation wall for the dog to leave them be, 10 quail, 8 straight run chicks, and 2 six month old stray hens from the shelter. Unfortunately we lost a chick and 3 quail.  So now we have 8 pullets, 1 roo, and 7 quail - 5 boys and 2 girls (ikr, only 2!!!)

Quail turned 6 weeks on Easter, and they've been acting like they'd start laying, so I'm just waiting for that.  My older girls just started laying though!! They're Buff Orpingtons. They. Are. ADORABLE!

Cute little pullets with cute little eggs! Love my girls already! I'll post pictures later!

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Alice and Avery both laid the same day, but the first one was laid in the dirt and I stepped on it!!
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Originally Posted by Jaromo99 View Post

Alice and Avery both laid the same day, but the first one was laid in the dirt and I stepped on it!!

Oh man! I hate when one breaks. The kids come in with them in their pockets and our foster jumps up. 😱 Nice egg BTW!
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Jaromo99,  Hello. You've been busy and I know you will enjoy all the eggs you get.  Most people think eggs from backyard chickens taste better than eggs from the grocery store.  Hope to see photos in the future.  Have fun... Kay in NC... 4.1.16

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Jaromo99, Just saw your photos. enjoyed seeing them.  Don't know how I missed them a few minute ago... Kay in C

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