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Their ventilation is good. I did block off the front eves for winter last weekend. But the whole top above the roost is open and also smaller sections on the sides. She's moving out today to the coop with the big girls in a pen. She still has a slight wheeze but is rambunctious as hell! Here's her new pad for a bit.

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The stare down has begun!
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Too funny! I used to have a hen (a really sweet bird) that I lovingly referred to as "The Sheriff" - she would be immediately alerted to any strangers and start the stare-down process.



A lonely blue girl guards the riverbed, she shakes her brown torch at the tide...





A lonely blue girl guards the riverbed, she shakes her brown torch at the tide...




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I'm not much into chickens, but from the way you guys tell your stories, maybe I should be!!!!
"The state down" , the same thing my ducks do when a duckling appears in the introduction pen... !!!! Or when the UPS guy dares deliver a package!!! Followed by chasing and hissing!!
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The stare down phase has ended here, with everyone mixed. On one side of the coop, the hen's are integrating nicely, although they keep discovering places where they can get a glimpse of their old flock, and look for ways to get back. The two hens on the other side spend all day hiding on the roost. They will reluctantly jump down if I throw sunflower seed. Hopefully they are not too afraid to come down for a sip of water now and then. I haven't caught them on the ground yet.

Compost rats are back, after what we thought was a victory with the flame weeder. No tunnels into the hoop coop...... yet...., after I put in another hardware cloth patch. I've found tunnels around the outside of the chicken run by the other more traditional coop, but there is no way in with all the hardware cloth I added this summer, so one small victory. A high-cost, high-labor victory, but victory nonetheless.
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So "wheezy" has found her roost spot in her little cage in the coop. Of all places she has decided roost is on top of her waterer that is sitting on the floor of her pen. Just think of a chicken with both feet sitting between the 4 points on the top of the plastic waterers. Looks hilarious! There is never a dull moment with these girls that's for sure! 🐓
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Oh I almost forgot... I think I almost embarrassed my niece to death this weekend. We were in Dunkin Donuts drive thru ordering an ice coffee and the people that live next to there have Silkies. There was a beautiful black silkie walking around in the drive thru and I asked the woman at the drive thru if she thought the people would care if I took the neighbors chicken. The womans look on her face was priceless! My niece turned bright red and was like OMG Auntie. I think I may of turned into a crazy chicken lady when I'm contemplating taking a chicken that's walking around in the drive thru! You had to be there was the looks I got were priceless!
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That Silkie was hoping you'd buy her a donut!
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Agree. My biddies love it when we come home with donut holes. The goats do, too. The ducks couldn't care less unless we come home with a giant bag of greens. Then we will get duck-mauled.

A lonely blue girl guards the riverbed, she shakes her brown torch at the tide...





A lonely blue girl guards the riverbed, she shakes her brown torch at the tide...




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Hello all! 


It has been a while since I popped in. Lots going on. We are selling our house and moving out the sticks north of Farmington! Please let me know if any of you would like to buy a nice split ranch on 3 acres in Cumberland, 15 min from Portland. :lol:


Bucka: I am very happy to report that I was able to hatch 3 lovely hens from the birds I got from you. Two lav and one black. 


The other very exciting news is that after years and years of efforts we are expecting our own human hatch next summer!  :jumpy


Hope everyone is well and enjoying this lack of snow! 

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