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My hens have just started laying.  I posted a response on the Barred Rock page.  I have two Barred Rocks and one Rhode Island Red.  One of the Reds laid a small brown egg that was speckled.  Yesterday I found one white egg and one light brown egg.  It either came from the BR or RIR.  I never expected a white egg. One woman wrote that coloring comes as the egg descends.  I don't know, but I am just very glad to get eggs!  Now I've got to figure out how to get them to lay in the various nests I've bought and constructed since they all want to lay in the small box they used when they were young and still continue to use at night: four hens squeezed into a small grey box with a hole.  It's a comedy routine.  I just hope they don't break any egg.  
lol i had picture of 4 hens tight in a little gray box glash thru my head its was a funny scene.
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I have two RIRs, one lays a lighter brown egg than the other.  Getting into the winter months and there is less sunlight so one of my hens (the lighter egg layer) has nt put an egg out in about 6 days.  I got an egg from her today that was almost white.  Does anyone know what to make of this?  Same diet (layer pellets, cracked corn, scratch, and the free range all day). 

Thank you!

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Perhaps lack of vitamin A. I read that somewhere.
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