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i have a jar of this... it is called Rep-Cal- it is used for reptiles..
it is calcium with vitamin d3 added.. it is a powder can i sprinkle a little bit on their food? it says  it is from 100% natural phosphorus- free  oyster shells( calcium carbonate)..

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If it's 100% oyster shells, I don't see why you couldn't mix in into their food or sprinkle it something.  The only challenge may be dosing it so that they don't get too much.

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i have read and reread the container and the only thing that is added is the vit D... it  seems to be very finely crushed shells...
maybe i will try a little bit of it on some pasta they love that  smile

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What happened with using the Rep-Cal?  Do you still feed it to your chooks and what type of measurement do you use?

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