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I just got my Marek's vaccine from Jefferspet online and i need to vaccinate 7 chicks that my broody hen just hatched. I also have 26 more chicks hatching in about 2 weeks. How long will the vaccine in the bottle stay good for after you mix it? I really don't want to spend another $50 for a new bottle of Marek's vaccine if i don't have to. I really don't get why they don't sell the vaccine with less than 1,000 doses >.< 

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I Was under the impression that once the medicine was mixed, it has to be used within an hour. The packaging should explain that plus you could also call Jeffers and ask them.
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Thanks Eggcessive :D I think I'll call Jeffers tomorrow! I don't want to try this until someone else confirmed that it worked for them but I found this info online:


"...I relize that most of us hatch a few chicks this week, then in a week or so, a few more which makes it expensive to mix the whole bottle for just a few chicks. What you can do is take out about 1/4 of the powder, then mesure the liquid and pour about 1/4 of it into the powder. Then put the UN-MIXED 3/4 BACK IN THE REFRIGERATOR until the next bunch hatches. Once the two are mixed they must be used in an hour or two..."

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