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What area is everyone from
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Natchitoches la
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Anyone close to Centerville
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how mutch
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Hammond, Louisiana
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Hey yall, I'm new to the forum. I live in the Shreveport area and need some help. I recently acquired a roundhead game hen that was from my Grandfather's bloodline. I was wondering if any of you had, or knew someone who has a roundhead or hatch rooster or possibly some trios. I am desperately wanting to keep this bloodline that i used to help him with when i was a kid. He passed 6 years ago and it would be nice if i could continue his games. Thanks
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First let me welcome-byc.gif I don't remember seeing you before. Your chicks are the cutest I've seen in a while love them.
thank u so much , I have been on for a few months but took a break from posting because everything I had here looked the same. Now it's getting better.
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Nairn louisiana, but I'm and in port from key largo Florida lol married in to the state .
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My son had two maniac little terriers.  One was a fierce hunting Jack Roussel and the other was a Patterdale that was fabulous on coons and possums.  Together they were the most incredible team I'd ever seen!

Two nights ago he let them out to run off something unknown outside.  They both are gone now and, we believe it was coyotes.  Coyotes are notorious for sending one lone coyote towards the dogs as a lure.  When the dog starts to chase after it, he retreats to where the whole pack is waiting.

I was closer to these two than I've ever been to any dogs in my life.  We've had great dogs all of our lives.  My brother raised field trial champion Labs and Beagles.  But, these two were beyond special.  My grandson and my son were always amazed how they's come running to me and be just as lovable as a canine can be.  They both told me many times that they never reacted that way with anyone else.

I guess as we get older....    I'm gonna miss them.
sorry to hear that.
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this is from the inside of my chicken coop facing the rabbit -quail-pheasant hutch. I still need to ad th 1o×20 tin roof on half the chickens coop. But I have time the babies are still young. this is inside the hutch 20×10 but we will be adding long was another 20 ×10 and making it one long pen . Next to it we plan on a 20×30 pen for peacocks that's on my wish list. Lol. this is the other end.
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