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Does anything repel snakes?

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I put golf balls in the nest for snakes to carry off as a gift. In the last three
days I have found 2 large chicken snakes. Will moth balls or sulphur
keep snakes away?

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Moth balls are toxic, so I wouldn't use them or sulphur. Neither works anyway.

I did some research on this topic the year I killed four 4-foot long snakes raiding my nest boxes. The best preventive found was "Snake Away." You can buy it at most feedstores for under $10. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn't work 100% of the time, or with all kinds of snakes.

I've heard that running a hotwire along the botttom of your run, about 4 inches off the ground, will keep snakes away. Once they hit it, they don't come back. A second wire along the top will keep the coons out too.

Kathy, Bellville TX

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I think "Snake Away" is what my stable recommended for keeping snakes out of our tack rooms.  I never used it however.

Is this the same thing as "snake repellent"?  Would it poison the poultry should they root around in it?



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I use moth balls, have never had it bother the chickens, they seem to leave them alone. I had a few snakes get in with the rabbits last year and eat some babies, talk about a horrifiing find for a 9 year old girl to walk up on. I put them under the shed.
I might be wrong, but if you read the ingredients on snake away or the other repellents, they are the same thing that moth balls or crystals are made out of, I don't use the crystals more afraid the birds would eat them.
Years ago I saw a video of crows in a garden picking up moth balls and rubbing them all over their feathers, they said they figured out they killed mites/lice, now how a crow could figure this out I have no idea, but they did pick them up and rub them all over their body, it was amazing.

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I   have used mothballs and my cats dont even bother
       with it, toss a few under the coop .I also used borax around
the house and coop keeps away a lot the little critters.

HeavenCan Wait, Livin in Paradise.
HeavenCan Wait, Livin in Paradise.
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I use moth balls under my home used to have an old mobile home where snakes used to get in and never had a problem after using them... I know alot of people use moth balls ...

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a HOE!!!!!!!!!lol

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I use moth balls also.  I lost 5 young chickens in a run a couple of months ago.  I hadn't put moth balls out in awhile.  I put out about 7 boxes of moth balls after that happened (around all of my coops and runs), and haven't had a problem since.  Don't know if it's because of the moth balls, but I really don't know what else to use.  I'd love to know if there's something else that works, that is cheaper and doesn't smell-I hate the smell of moth balls, and 7 boxes of them was like $40.  And I think it's time to do it all over again.  Most of them have disolved because of the rain. 

Paula  smile

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I use a shovel  wink

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I put mothballs around the OUTSIDE of the coop. Supposedly they don't like it.

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