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Originally Posted by Tala 

I got an 85watt red floodlight at Wal-Mart for like $5
It's one of those hardened glass ones that will stand up to weather. It's heavy compared to the high-wattage red bulb that I got at TSC which is regular thin glass.

Thanks for the idea!  I just sold off all but three of the chicks I had in my brooder and it's rediculous to heat so few with a 250w bulb.  I'll swap it out for the 85 and lower it closer to the little bumbs.  Learn somethig new every day.tongue

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All my RIR chicks are viciously attacking my black sex link chic. Its so bad its 8-1 and I am afraid they will kill it. I had to separate them. Is there a way to stop this?
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I went ahead and put them together and watched them closely. They bombarded blackie for a bit but eventually left him/her alone.
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:jumpy I tried the CD putting in with the 2 baby chicks the smallest one still is pecking on the bigger one wished she would peck back but won't the small one pecks at feathers feet tail she not care  pulls hard enough the bigger one chirps but not peck back I'm thinking maybe go get more as it is I only have the 2 & separated  at this time not want to find one pecked to death.

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Anyone out there please reply I have 9 about 6to 7 week Olds and 2 black 2 weeks old I put them in a huge dog kennel with screen between them it's been like that for about 2 weeks now. So there getting use to each other if I take the screen out so my other bigger ones have more room will they peck my smaller ones to death. I've tried incorporatein them a few times but they seem to want to keep pecking at the smaller ones. Any suggestions? I'm trying to get this group all together so I can take them outside and let them get use to my 3 adults for a few weeks before I let them all be together.
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Also has it been to cold outside at night to transfer them from inside the house to outside in the barn. Remember there all only 6 weeks old and 2 week Olds but there growing like crazy and have enough feather coverage. Just a worried chicken mom and first time growing babies chicken mom
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The two-week olds are still a bit too young to try merging with the older chicks. You need to be patient a week or two longer.


Keep the chicks side by side as you have been doing so the babies can observe and learn the temperaments of the older chicks.


It won't be easy integrating these two groups because the older ones vastly outnumber the babies. You've indicated the babies are black. are there any similar colored ones in the older group? That could pose a problem if these two are so obviously different. Just be aware that it's one reason for chicks to be bullied. There are ways around the problem by introducing similar appearing "stuff" into their midst so the focus is spread around to something other than just two black chicks.


In a week, you can try letting one of the most docile of the older chicks in with the babies to see how they interact. If it goes well, you can add another of the least aggressive of the older chicks. Keep doing that until you're down to the most aggressive ones, and by that time, the small ones have formed a bond with the older docile chicks, hopefully, constituting an alliance.


Theoretically. You won't know until you try it. But two-week old chicks are still too young. They need one more week.


By all means transfer the entire group to the coop where they will have more room. It will go much better when you start integrating the two groups. Have you given any thought to heating the new babies with the heating pad system? It will make it so much easier moving them to the coop since the older chicks won't need heat, but the babies will for another two weeks at least.

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You need to wait until they are closer in size. The older group is probably ready to be outside. Work on getting them off heat and outside by next weekend.
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Thank you I do have the older ones off heat I only put a small light on them at night if the room seems cold. The 2 black 2 week Olds are on the heating pad system. So your saying it's safe to move them outside in the barn with my 3 Adults. They all seem healthy enough. My concern is will the 2 weeks olds be ok outside here in Wisconsin the nights are in low 30s will this be ok for all of them. I have 9 seven week Olds all same color and 2 two week Olds black in color. Just worried about the cold nights here that's all. What do you guys think? Will it be ok or should I wait a little longer until are nights get warmer?
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Also just to ease all your minds they all will be moved out in the barn still in a dog kennel and left that way for how long before I can let them meet the adults? Do you think 3 weeks or should I wait longer before I can let them all be together? I'm trying to incorporate all three stages into one flock. Please any suggestions are welcome??
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