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Im just going to trap the cat and haul it to the AC or end it myself. I havent decided.
I went today and purchased then planted some cedars for a privacy hedge along our property line.
Ive sent my bunny to be check out and Ill get a report on him tomorrow.

thanks for all the advice yall!

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Hey!  Thanks for the update!  frow  Glad to hear your bunny is getting checked out... 

Gotta love privacy hedges... thumbsup

I'm not a complete idiot - some parts are missing!
I'm not a complete idiot - some parts are missing!
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I don't know who said it on another post but I loved the quote - "Shoot, shovel, and shut up."
Yup, that's what I'd do. It's an obvious threat.   

Do you have a local health dept? You may be able to get shots there.

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I know this thread is VERY OLD, but how did things work out??
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fine them! if they did it to you well.. then dont feel bad doing it to them.. once cats attack rabbits cant train them to be nice to rabbits anymore... my friend got cats a few months ago.. if i still had rabbits the cats would have torn them up! i dont like those cats they bite me and attack my dog. i think you.v have enaf with that cat! if it wants to attack you it would attack your kids too.. i'd say fine them.  (but its really your choice)

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Originally Posted by horsejody View Post

What goes around comes around.  Let them get fined.  Also, go get a tetanus shot and send them the bill.  You should also demand to see the cat's proof of rabies vaccination.

This. You must do this. It is pure justice. They fined you for some cats that weren't even yours walking around their property and now THEIR cat is harming YOUR animals in YOUR property. It also viciously attacked YOU. Your neighbors are pure hypocrites and you cannot let them get away with that. Well, I wouldn't.
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Well today while weeding my front gardens I was letting my baby rabbit, Elvis, hop around in the yard with my kids and myself. I let him out everyday as long as I am outside with him. Well I see him hopping over to me out of the corner of my eye but then I hear him screaming, you know like the bear call, ya it was an awful noise.
Rabbits are prey animals.. and you should keep it in a secure predator proof run when you put it outside.. especially a small young rabbit... if it was not that cat that attacked it, it could have been a dog, hawk or some other predator.   If you allow it to run free you need to be CLOSELY supervising it all the time. 
I look over and see this black cat clinging biting and ripping at my rabbit. I run over yelling trying to scare the cat off but it just keeps at it. Lucky I was only a few sprints away! I picked the cat up by the back skin. The cat was holding on to my rabbit with it claws so hard Elvis came up with it! In a panic I shook Elvis down and the cat turned and attacked my arm. The only thing I could do to get the cat off was fling it. It hit the side of my house pretty hard...whoops.
Running over to it, yelling and screaming.. grabbing it by the BACK skin and shaking it.......DOING THIS TO ANY CAT WILL MAKE IT SCRATCH OR BITE YOU.... IT WILL BE TERRITFIED!   Throwing it at the wall of your house?  I am glad no one saw that... you could have been charged for animal cruelty. 

I snatch up Elvis and take him inside. His fur is coming out in all kinds of places and the poor thing is scared to death! I go back outside to bring the kids in and who do I see running back over looking to attack again?! The cat! Oh I was so mad! I ran at it hissing but the cat just glared at me from under the truck. I grabbed a handful of gravel and thew it at it while I yelled. It ran away, but Im sure it will be back
Its now hiding in terror under you car.. and you are hissing and running at it and throwing stones at it.
The cat is only doing what is natural for it.  You need to protect you pets better.. and not go grabbing and shaking cats about to make them scratch you.
If your neighbours don't want the cat.. catch it and take it to an animal rehoming place.  End of story and stress for you... you don't have to shoot it, you don't have to take the neighbours to court, you don't have to get into arguments, involve animals control or anything like that.
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i know there prey animals but there pets too and it would be difrent if the cat was a stray.. but its not and the owner is responsible for what its pet dose.. and it would be difrent agan if the bunny was in the yard of the cats owners.. but its not and the cat came rate over to kill the bunny....   like if a dog came over to a house and killed the cat the dog owner would have a fine.. same thing with a bunny

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and how could that be animal crulety if they dident grab the cat and try to get it to go away then you would have a dead bunny! What were they suposto do? let the bunny die? you try to save there life not just let it  die!!! id say the cat deserved it!

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Um....I think you need to calm down for a second. The poster who quoted your post was simply saying that it was good that no one saw the OP throw the cat. He/she said nothing about agreeing with the strict abuse laws. And no, the cat didn't "deserve" what it got, despite what you say. Cats do not think the way we do. They do not understand right from wrong. They are complete predators, they don't understand the "this is mine, so don't touch" concept. If you were starving and saw a rabbit that was easy to kill and eat, then you would not care the least about whether or not it belonged to someone else. Believe me. You are relating the cat to a human, you just can't do it. The cat did nothing wrong. It was following its instincts. That is not the question. It was HOW to get rid of the threat, not if it should be taken care of or not. I think you are being dramatic, though I mean no offense. Please calm down and take a moment to collect yourself before posting further. So will I. Please don't take it in the wrong way. Now I'm off my soapbox for the night.
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