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Yours looks almost like my Bertha smile.png she rules the roost. spoiled.
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I'm in need of help because I haven't gotten many answers. 


I skimmed over the whole thread but didn't quite see what the final remedy was. 


I have 3 Sebright Bantams that have been sneezing with runny noses for a couple-few weeks now. It started with one when I noticed it was a little gargly when I picked it up. Now at least the one still gargles, all 3 are sneezing and also runny noses. 


And now my 19 week old BLR Wyandotte cockerel has it! He's more just sneezing, though. I've noticed that he kind of does this weird sneeze/wheeze thing when he's eating, he's eating too fast. I could try to video it if you all wanted to see it. 


I just don't know what to do? They all seem to act perfectly normal and all poos are normal. They all eat and drink just like anyone else, but they "have a cold."


Any suggestions would be REALLY helpful. I don't really want to cull anyone, especially the BLRW, since he's my most expensive chicken. 

I'm obsessed with having a diverse flock! 22 chicken breeds and 2 duck breeds so far! Woohoo! 
I'm obsessed with having a diverse flock! 22 chicken breeds and 2 duck breeds so far! Woohoo! 
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I've read the whole of the thread and I'm stumped - I have 2 chickens sneezing frequently - the coop door shut and they were all out in the rain for the day - someone moved the door stop!!??!!??
So Sadie and Stevie have been kind if sneeze coughing since - now I read children liquid vits A B & D till I get the proper chicken vits - do I treat just the ill ones or all of them as a preventative do I follow the guidelines as treating a child or baby I'm reluctant to take the vets as their answer is PTS to everything I ask because we're in city they don't treat "farm animals" and the nearest "farm vet " is going to charge me £30 just travel before any consultation or medical bills are added up!
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My chickens sneeze every day, a little bit not much, for years... They havent been sick so far so I don't know why. Maybe dust, maybe something chronic that isnt bad enough to really get sick from.

Now the baby chicks sneeze to but nothing else. No sickness, no runny noses or coughing etc


If your chickens are sick and runny nose, then what our vet does is prescribe antibiotics. Doxycycline (soludox 15%), tylan, or baytril. So one of those three but most people prefer soludox for these kind of things. They say it works better. 

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They're still sneezing - Sadie sounds like a frog at times - did take them to the vet ( different vet)?he reckons old bird syndrome - but he admits he does tropical birds and not too ofay on chickens
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Maybe try find a vet who knows some more about chickens.
I have been to 4 vets so far :P One of them does poultry and is about 35 mins drive from our home.


Our chickens and chicks are sneezing quite a lot today. But sounds just like a tiny sneeze so not like a frog like yours. 

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I have read thru the posts on sneezing and would like to add some things to consider:

With no nasal discharge or bubbly eyes but sneezing think when have you wormed your chickens

lungworms, gapeworms can cause sneezing as the worm attaches to the trachea and the chicken is trying to clear them

in a severe case the chicken will cough up bloody mucus and occasionally will contain a flat red worm , I have seen them up to

2 1/2 inches long. I use ivermectin pour on for cattle, 5mg per ml use 6 mls per gallon of water and leave as only water source for 24 hrs. repeat in 7 days no longer than 10. I have used febendazole but you have to shake it several times a day and treat for 3 days straight. ml is the same as cc so you will need a syringe to draw it up to put in the water.

Once they have had a bad upper respiratory infection or lungworm infestation the bird may be a chronic sneezer as damage was done to the respiratory tract.

Often upper respiratory infections are viral, antibiotics will do nothing for these

if you have a bird that is not eating or drinking much because they feel bad mix gerber baby food, I use turkey in gravy, with vits, warm water and dip the birds beak, even if it is just the bottom beak in the mix and after they taste it they will usually suck it down. In fact I have never had one not to. I feed them several times a day until the eat on their own. Remember also that a chicken loves wet bread. good way to get fluids down them also.

One of the most dangerous viruses is LT laryngotracheitis which there is a vaccine for, one drop in the nose once a year and a bottle that will treat a huge flock is @ $25.00


Hope this is helpful,

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