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For those who are allowed to legally keep chickens on your property, you should be ever vigilant that they don't try to change those laws to make it illegal.


The moment you see McMansions, Townhouses, or strip malls going up in your town you should start going to town council meeting to see that some slick guy or gal in a suit is not pushing to make chickens illegal because it would detract from his profits on selling condos!

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I live in Herndon so I'm not sure if they follow the same rules, but I was very interesting in your post that the zoning representative in Vienna said you could have chickens there.  Would you mind sharing the name of the person so I could use it for my peace of mind in making a coop? 


I'm afraid to call and be told I can't...

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I live in the Town of Herndon as well and actually sent in an email this morning to find out the specifics on what the Town says.  I am totally up for writing letters and getting petitions signed if needed.  I would love to have a couple hens as to product my own eggs!

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If you could just make it general Herndon instead of the town of Herndon that would be awesome. Right now for Herndon it says you can have 1 hen, no roosters. But only 1 hen is kind of mean since chickens don't do well by themselves. Also there's a group on Facebook called Chickens for Fairfax. They are trying to change the rules for Fairfax County.

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well general Herndon would fall under Fairfax county so I am not sure where the 1 hen bit is from, can you post a link?


I found the chickens for fairfax group and requested a join :) 

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Here's the link for Herndon from BackyardChickens.

I thought I also saw it on a Herndon website... looking for it now.

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So that would be the Town of Herndon if anything but I cannot find that anywhere besides on a forum.  If it was within a Town document that is one thing but a pasted info on a forum makes me uncertain.

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OMG!! soo I did find it in the town ordinances.  I can have one chicken or one duck.  Now the question is will they be ok by themself?

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Found it


Sec. 6-3. - Keeping of fowl.permanent link to this piece of content


It is prohibited and unlawful to keep in the town more than one female fowl, or more than one female water fowl, or any male fowl, or any male water fowl, or any guinea fowl.


"Fowl" means any domesticated gallinaceous bird, including chickens, or roosters, or both. "Water fowl" means any domesticated duck, goose, or swan.


It is prohibited and unlawful to allow or cause any fowl or water fowl to run at large in the Town. "To run at large" means to roam, run or self-hunt off the property of the owner or custodian of a fowl or water fowl and not under such owner's or custodian's immediate control.


A structure used for confining, accommodating, or sheltering fowl or water fowl may be located no closer than ten feet from any lot line.


Violation of this section constitutes a class 3 misdemeanor.

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I honestly think you could have at least 2 without anyone complaining. I wouldn't put 1 by itself. Everyone says that chickens always need to be in a flock.

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