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Thanks for tips. My 11 girls have lots of room. I don't think that's an issue.. I have put a small suet cage hanging in their coop and will put greens in it to keep them amused. They loved bok choy.
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Btw, their feathers are growing back in now.
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Nope, I spoke too soon. Still have bare bottoms. Hmmmmm
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Here is a picture of one of my hens. 7 of my 8 hens are all missing a good deal of feathers below their vents on their stomachs. Their skin does not seem to be inflamed, I have not seen any feather picking, and I have not seen evidence of mite/lice issues. Seeing as how in brand new at this, I am worried and I don't know what to do. The only hen that isn't having the problems is my silkie. They are all still laying just fine. They hatched starting March 19 and then on staggered. What do you think the problem is?! Please help.. sad.png
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U can try cleaning out the coop.! Remove every thing.Clean perches. Washing it down with a disinfectant like weak bleach. Air Dry.
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I know this is a old post but this is what my young bluebell looks like she is around 6 months younger than the others but is the biggest by far! At first I thought she had a prolapse but on closer inspection its lower down from the vent and looks exactly like these pics I think she has been plucked why would this be they are totally free range from morning till night they have layer pellets as main food scratch for evening treat also any veg scraps etc but I have noticed every now and then 1 pecking the other on the behind someone told me they are attracted to red so I'm wondering if its become reddened which has then encouraged mire plucking I'm out to use this spray ive been recommended I shall update later with pics :-o
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I'm convinced this is plucking she was very good laid there let me wash it hence why it looks wet dried it and sprayed it lol it almost looks sunburnt.
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Hello everyone, wasn't planning on being on this thread intel I came across my barred rocks bum. She's one of our best hens great eggs and funny gal! Lately egg production has gone down just a little bit. Her eggs have always had a bump or ripple , today was way worse however hard to see in picture.
At first I thought she started molting intel I looked at her feathers. stuck to her bum a yellow orange color feces. I know not good! With further investigation I notice what I thought her molting was is her bum feathers being pulled out. I am imagine due to pain?! She got her annual deworming and mite/lice medication about two months ago. I did both two times so it was a total of 20 days and 2 doses on my entire flock! Here are a couple pictures she's not red yet. I tried to clean her up a little bit hurd a couple noises from her that it didn't feel so well. My rooster just mated her. she did not kick him off. Which worries me because I don't want him spreading whatever's going on with her to the rest of my flock everybody else is clean! any information would be great! I did give her ivermax last night. She looks like the feathers are growing back a bit. Thanks in advance !!
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I am totally lost the one I have posted picture's of is nearly completely back to normal with brand new feathers which are all fluffy which has really thrown me could this be a small molt????? Even though I was told she was to young to molt as she only just turned 9 months.
Bizarre thing is my white star has now got exactly the same just not as red and she is just over a year old
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Can I used probiotics from a pill form? (It's powder inside gel cap I would mix into food) or is that not the right strength?
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