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UnIncorporated Washington County Oregon

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I'm interested to know if anyone has a link or information in regards to chicken coop structure regulations and what might be the distance between residential homes for this area. 

From what I understand this area is not ordinanced for chickens.  But there seems to be some regulations for coops structure and distance as I noted above. 

I gave a call to Dept of Land Use and all I get as an option is to leave a message with the person with this information.  Called yesterday as well, but yet no call backs...

I'm in the unincorporated Washington County area of Tigard, the West side of Bull Mountain.

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Book mark these, because some are impossible to find on Washington County's website.

First, find what zone you are in:
type in your address to find the zone (and other public info on your taxlot)

Here is an explaination of the zones:

Links to the regs are here:

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Through those links we found the info we needed.  (I'm JasonJC's wife. cool)


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Thank you cjvg!  smile

To show all interested viewers, this is my path that lead me to my answer:
First, knowing your zone is important as cjvg suggested.  I had already known the zone, but wasn't sure were to gain my information. We are zoned R-6

Following cjvg's link to Community Development Code, I found this for R-6:

303-2.1 Accessory Uses and Structures - Section 430-1.

I then went to Section 430-1 and found this:

Our chicken coop is no larger than 36sqft.  But we did have to move it to the other side of the house due to distance between neighbors.

(5) Buildings or other structures for livestock, or buildings or other structures for poultry that are fifty-one (51) square feet or larger, shall be located in a side or rear yard at least thirty (30) feet from any property line and at least one-hundred feet from any existing residence, except the owners dwelling;

(6) Fenced runs for livestock shall be at least one-hundred (100) feet from any existing residence, except the owners residence;

Our neighbor doesn't mind that we have chickens but he didn't want the coop where we wanted it.  But where we wanted it was not code anyways and made the move more justifiable, plus I probably would have moved it to keep the relationship good between us anyways.

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