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Well, it has been quite a while since there has been any action on this thread.  I am beginning to wonder if that guy that saw those big feet all the time became their dinner?


On the other hand, the Youtube is loaded with videos about blobsqatches and all sorts of speculation relative to their existence.  I am reluctant to invest 45 minutes of what is left of my life just to hear some bozo run his mouth.  Show me the Sashquatch or shut up!


Some whitetrash in New York says that he saw a couple of Sashquatches getting it on in his yard.  Then he was afraid they were going to include him.  I doubt that seriously.  Even Bigfeet have their standards.


He put up a subsequent video that was an obvious fake.


We need to get real on this subject.  We need to approach it in a scientific way.  Enough of these hoaxes.