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Found this thread while trying to figure out why this happens.  I am new to the chicken game and I have 5 hens.  Only one of the hens is laying so figuring out which one isn't my problem for me.  I noticed that the 4th egg that she layed smelled funny.  I too have a sensitive nose and I immediately noticed a "hot garbage" smell.  I washed it and put it in the fridge just until I could figure out if that happens to anyone else.  Not all of her eggs are that way so I'm unsure what the deal is.  The one she layed this morning had an odd smell too.

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Very helpful links thanks!!:)

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I am having this same issue but I don't think heat is the culprit here because temps have been around the 50s. Trying to figure out why I get a funky smelling eggs every now and then!
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Hello! I am sorry I have no solution but only found your thread because we have exactly the same problem. I noticed this first a few weeks ago, and it seems to be exactly the same as what you're describing. We live in Italy and the weather is just warming up, so perhaps it is temperature related. I'll now start the deduction process just as you have been doing, to try to figure out which hen is laying the smelly eggs. Let me know if you do find out why it's happening and if there is any solution!

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Oh man! My chicken just laid her first stinky egg! They haven't had access to anything out of the norm (including standing water or any new foods) and she lays almost everyday. She seems to be in excellent health. We've been under 60deg during the day so it's not heat... This is very interesting.
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Help! I'm having the same problem!
I thought I was crazy!!! 😲
All of a sudden just in the last couple weeks... Not sure which hen yet but I do know which eggs. They look fine, just stink. Even when just laid. They check out fine when tested. I sell my eggs so I always test every single one. I've quit selling those. I break each one of those open individually and every single one stinks. Not really strong as if rotten but a slight tainted smell. I first noticed after adding one to cookie dough and had to throw it all out. Started all over again with another egg. Didn't really notice the smell till I added it to the dough. That's when I decided to have other family members smell it and they confirmed the smell. Once again I had to throw it all out. Since then I've started cracking open every single one of those particular eggs, all stinky...
All of our chickens free range in the same pasture, go into the same barn every night, and share the same laying boxes. Only thing I can think of is that she is sick? If so,I sure don't want it to spread to the other chickens, so some how need to figure out which girl it is. 😩
Any comments or suggestions?
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Also, not having any hot or unusual weather...
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I'm having the same problem.  I read in a previous post that having broken eggs in the nesting box was causing the other eggs in the box to smell bad.  I confess that my boxes aren't very clean, but I haven't had a bad smelling egg problem until late last year.


Do any of the rest of you with the bad smelling eggs have issues with broken eggs in the nesting boxes?

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