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Sacramento CA CLUCK meetings & info

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Hi there!  Thought I'd follow up on some earlier posts.  : )  For info on CLUCK - campaign for legalizing urban chicken keeping- check out  We are having a meeting on the 28th at 6:00.  Please feel free to convo me if you have any questions!  Also, I'm looking for photos of urban coops and chickens for the blog.  If you would like to share, please convo me!  Thanks, Abi

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Butter My Butt and call me a Biscuit!
Butter My Butt and call me a Biscuit!
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thanks for the bump Holly!

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Once this zoning change becomes finalized, it isn't going to be easy to get our property rights returned. If you zoned (AR), Ag Residential, you may not be as safe from this ban as you think. Roberta MacGlashan the District 4 Supervisor, (see map: was talking about applying the ban to your residential zoning category as well. And what other animals or livestock are they going to ban next? Also, please note that other zoning changes were voted on regarding pens, coops, fences, walls, etc.


The Sacto County Supervisors want to see an angry hoard (so to speak) as Serna hinted at during the July 22nd meeting. Don't give up your male fowl or your property rights! We are asking anyone interested in attending a planning meeting to send me a private message. Please include your zip code and dates/times you are available and we'll figure out a location/date/time that fits everyone's needs as best we can.


The Supervisors will revisit the crowing fowl section of their zoning amendments “tentatively” on:

Wednesday October 28, 2015, 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM, Board Chambers, 700 H Street, 1st floor, in Suite 1450, Sacramento, CA 95814.


Contact: Kevin Romo, 916-874-8178 to confirm meeting agenda, date/time.


Call, write, email, tweet or Facebook all five Supervisors and tell them

what you think.

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Bump this up...Sacramento residents and even non residents should really try to help.
I found out about this through my local feed storewe need to spread the word
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Surprise!!! The County Board of Supervisor's meeting has been moved up from the 28th at 2:30 to Tuesday, the 27th at 2:30. Hmmm...what are they afraid of?

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