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I have chickens for sale
Check it out
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Hi Justus 85 & Hillbilly fab...

I'm a Memphian transplant, am fairly new here myself, & a newbie to the Chicken-world too. I live in Millington with my husband, adult son (college student), dogs, cats, & 11 (4 month old) chickens (4 Orps, 2 Australorps, 2 BLR Wyandottes (splash?), & 3 bantams (1 sebright & 2 unknown mixed-pos. barnevelder/sebrights?). Wonderin what kind of "ladies" you have & such & just want to say "Welcome Neighbor!" I may be a transplant but we've lived in allot of places & do love it here in many ways...
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Hi Sevanson,


I originally had two Rhode Island Reds and a silver laced Wyandotte, but lost one of the Reds to predation. I now currently have the remaining red, silver-laced Wyandotte, and two pullets; one is a golden-laced Polish, and the other is a Speckled Sussex. I'm not to particular about what breeds I keep. It usually depends on what they have at Tractor Supply/Hollywood Feed when I go to the chick sale. But if I had to pick a favorite right now it'd probably be my Wyandotte.

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Hello Sevanson.....glad to see more 10oc'ens on here. Margo have you sold your birds yet? There's a sale coming up at the fairgrounds, just in case you weren't aware.
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Hey whats that sale on fairgrounds is it in Dickson, id like to buy some chickens coz yes, i sold them have just a few left
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4th Friday of the month and yes at the Dickson Fairgrounds.
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Oh yea the horse sale
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hoping to make it there this Friday
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East Tn here!

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Middle TN
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