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Egg Selling Laws for New Jersey?

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We just have a small flock of hens in our backyard. Before we start offering eggs to neighbors for $1-2/dozen (or free...) and maybe put a sign up does anybody know if there are any laws prohibiting this?

We live in a residential suburban area. The town specifically is Long Branch, NJ in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Would we need a permit or have to be inspected, or not at all if we aren't a commercial seller?


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Found our City's code book online. There is nothing about selling eggs in there, (used the search feature on the PDF file for the word "egg"...not a thing) and the only thing I found out that prohibits roosters in my town (clerk at city hall told us roosters aren't allowed but hens are) is:

Long Branch Code, page 336 :

(5) Animals, birds, etc. The keeping of any animal or bird which by causing frequent or
long-continued noise shall disturb the comfort or repose of any persons in the vicinity,
but nothing herein contained is intended to apply to a dog pound or kennel licensed in
accordance with Chapter 109, Animals, Article I, Dogs.

So it seems basically that the real truth is Roosters are allowed as long as they don't tick off your neighbors. That answered an old question for me.

Anyway back to the main issue, I couldn't find anything in my Town's code mentioning "egg" and the only mention of poultry was discarding poultry food waste (ie, for restaurants).

Does anybody know if Counties have any jurisdiction on selling eggs or what the state or federal laws are?


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Check your state laws. They should be available online.

The Ag/Cooperative Extension is another good place to get this sort of info.

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Is there anyone from NJ want to save me the trouble?

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