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guess what!?  there is an exotic bird show this sunday in Jax!!!  coincidence?

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I have thought about this myself many times, but have never done it and probably never will.  First I have to say I love my Eclectus female.  She bonded with me when she was about a year old, and when I say bond, I mean bond.  She will coo and snuggle with me and is very gentle.  Anybody else who trys to hold her better get ready for her to draw blood with her powerful jaws.  That being said most parrots form bonds like this as a breeding pair.  So breeder birds usually are bonded to one another and are basically hands off, and are just there to look at and be fed.  If you really want eggs buy a pair of birds, then you can have the birds and the eggs.  You have your pets (although they may just be to look at) and there will be no cost for the eggs.  That way if a mistake is made in incubation or hand feeding you are only out your time and heartbreak, but at least you will be able to try again, and again if need be.  Would be the best scenario for your $ and learning.  Just my thoughts. 

Oh and most parrots will need to be DNA sexed as there are in most species there are no differences in physical appearance, so to get a pair it is more expensive.  There are exceptions to that rule like my Eclectus (males are bright green and females are bright red).  Also it is would be better to buy a proven breeding pair than try to pair them up yourself, as they might not like each other and then you are dealing with fighting and aggression.

Good luck

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Originally Posted by WalkingWolf 

You should do some research. Parrot hatchlings are nothing like chickens. They need to be fed immediately and often. They are very susceptible to sour crop if the food temperature is not exactly correct and the right amount. There temps must also be closely regulated they are born without fuzz or feathers. Parent Parrots take turns giving them constant care and feeding. To take them from the parents is a process of feeding every 2 hours. And why would you want to chance the same odds with eggs that in all likelihood will cost hundreds of dollars.

This is so true.  I have hand fed many birds.  You tote them with you every where.  They need heating pads and special formula.  You should also massage their crops so you do not have impacting problems, they look at you as momma and will call you by name.  A whole differt ball game.  Cockatoos are the hardest to wean, they will beg and cry wanting you to hand feed them.  ooooH!  Eclectus,  I would love a male...Nooo I got to get a way from here  BYE Ya'll

Man and Dog two bodies with one spirit!
Man and Dog two bodies with one spirit!
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Walking wolf where did you come up with your name? Just curious. Do you own wolfdogs by any chance?
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do you have a website to check out your birds?

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Does anyone have any resources on training parrots, specifically budgies? 
I looked around and there's just too much stuff. Is there a book with best practices?

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Just a thought for members looking for Parrots, esp big Parrots. Watch this movie Parrot Confidential

It was on Netflix. The movie highlights all the abandoned and unwanted birds in Rescues around the country.

Here in CA we have Mickaboo.
They are overflowing with birds. Very few people have the ability to commit to a big Parrot for life these days. Esp once they hit breeding age and even hand feds can become dangerous or become depressed and self mutilate or become bonded to one human and attack others. I love parrots, but the bigger birds are complex creatures.

I've had many parrots over the years. Currently I've stuck with the little cage birds tho. My American Singer Canary passed away at 10yrs and now I have 2 male Parakeets in a 3'x2.5' flight cage.

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