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They could be mottled also.
Mottled japanese are oft born white with minimal black spot on back of the head.

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Originally Posted by Jwarnick 
Originally Posted by Dipsy Doodle Doo 

Hi!  I've been hatching these for a while now --- wheaten barred roo over wheaten hens. 
The chicks have consistantly hatched brown / tan and grow into wheaten, barred wheaten or brown red.
These two white chicks are different from anything I've seen from my Serama before.
Are they just very light wheaten or is it a new color popping out?
Any ideas?

Hi Lisa,
I own three seramas which are kept in my house as pets. Two which I bought at three months and one I hatched out six weeks ago.
I call her solo since she was the only egg to hatch out of 25. She came from a breeder on the SCNA forum. The only thing I know about this egg is it came from a white pen of Seramas. Solo looked just like your light yellow/dun chicks. Here is a slide show of the color change from one day to today six weeks. I will keep adding photos till solo is an adult. If anyone knows what Solo's coloring is called please let me know as she changes color every week it seems.

Very, very cute! love




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Originally Posted by HappyMtn 

I think the barred roo looks crele as well- just because I've been looking at crele penedesencas lately. He's gorgeous! I never cared for barred birds- but when you add the color to

Creles are supposed to be barring over red duckwing(aka e+ or black breasted red).  As far as I know, crele penedesenecas are based on partridge.. looks similar but still not a red duckwing base.  There is a HUGE tendency to call almost anything barred showing any amount of color other than black "crele" even if the bird is merely a leaky black bird..

It might sound like nitpicking but the concept is similar to say, a Light Brahma being called a "solid white bird".. or calling a lighter blue from a BBS a "lavender".  Sure, that brahma might be mostly white and the latter bird does look "light blue" but, white or lavender they are not.

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Gold is just a separate gene from the body base color(like red duckwing, wheaten etc)..  chickens are either gold or silver.  One example are Buff and Light brahmas.. they basically are the same, genetically in every way, except buffs are gold, and lights are silver.

Usually, wheaten chicks hatch out either solid light color, or a solid light color with a stripe down middle of head and back.

However there are many genes that can alter how a bird looks, including down color/appearence. Crosses between wheaten and other bases can make chicks with some patterning on the back. The light colored chick with some patterning on back looks like a cross between wheaten and either red duckwing or brown(eb or partridge).  Some of the other chicks seem to be partridge to me.. 

Also your rooster seems to have a light colored breast(?), which shows he has another, unrelated gene that does something to prevent the black breast from showing up.   Possibly related to that, the hen in the picture also looks wheaten to me but "pretty light".. could be a wheaten with the same gene that prevents the rooster's breast from being black making her a little lighter than the typical wheaten.  Usually wheaten hens have some black or grey same as on her tail on the hackles.

realsilkiechick, your boy is wheaten. bbr chicks hatch with the classic chimpunk stripe with the eyeliner marking..  your boy hatched with the wheaten color down.   Adult wheaten and bbr roosters look very similar, sometimes the only way to know is by knowing what down color they had as chicks.

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What color did the little one with the stripe/spots turn out to be ? I have a chick that looks similar and was curious how that one turned out ?
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